About the Characters

It’s just another extraordinarily ordinary day in the life of Drake – Boy Vampire, his little sister, Witch Hazel – Spell Caster, his cousin, Wolfram – Tween-Wolf,  and his best friend, Frank – the Monster.  Follow all the polygon-powered pre-teen adventures of THE POLYGOONS, the shape-shifting horror heroes!

About the Author

Mr. Garcia created The Polygoons for the students of Room 113 in a Chicago public schools classroom. Initially just doodles, he was asked to share on (you guessed it…) “Share Day”.  The characters were a mixture of Mr. Garcia’s love of horror and the study of shapes in the Montessori EL1 class. The students had asked for stories to be created with the characters he had showed them. Shortly there after, hand-drawn, cut-out, and glued together, the very first edition of The Polygoons comic book was created. Laminated and labeled as “Fiction/People” it lived in the classroom library of Room 113.

Currently Mr. Garcia is working on the digital reproduction of books 1-4 while maintaining the web page and creating merchandise of all the characters.


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