Be Right Back

Ever wonder what to do with those old t-shirts? Maybe one that doesn’t quite fit like it used to? Or perhaps, a t-shirt with a spaghetti sauce stain that just won’t come out, but you still love the image on it? Well, you’re in luck. You can totally put it on the back of your jacket or hoodie!

Yep, just measure the back to make sure there is enough space on the garment or jacket you will be sewing it on to, cut up your t-shirt, and sew it on. If you are handy with a needle and thread, that’s awesome; if not, then you can use some close pins.

Below is a finished example of WITCH HAZEL and LOUIS the BAT CAT. It’s a great way to reuse a t-shirt and still hang on to that special imagery you just can’t seem to part with.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you like the idea and want to see more!



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