On The Wall

Did you ever have a feeling that there is something you just have to do? Making the Polygoons drawings, comics, and other crafts just comes naturally. It’s like the ideas for it just keep coming.

And sometimes you get so caught up in creating things, you forget to let people know what you’re up to. And that’s ok. Because when you are ready, you have something to show and share with those that care.

I have really big ideas I’d like to see for the Polygoons next year. Even if just a few happen I would feel happy to have done them.

Last year I set out to finalize the activity book and to participate in a community art show. Both goals were achieved. I was able to exhibit in August at the Quetzal Art Fest, where I made paintings, magnets, even a clock, and other crafts. (I had never done that before.)

The Polygoon Activity Book is currently at Quimby’s Bookstore. I can honestly say I enjoyed every second of it and am super proud of it. Being appreciative allows for me to accept more of those “I have to create something” feelings.

Among the things I am grateful for was to get to see others doing their thing as well. Whether it was seeing work online, at an art fair or a gallery, it helped to create an atmosphere of creativity.

That same atmosphere is a great positive cycle. And because I know I make things for people to enjoy, hopefully, it can even allow for kids and adults alike to think “maybe I can do it too.” Don’t forget, there is still great work to be done, friends.


Mr. Garcia

And as scary as things may appear…it’s all just basic shapes!


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