Magic Material

Ever work with “modeling material”? It’s not clay, but you do get to sculpt in a somewhat similar fashion. Even though I have never touched the stuff before, I decided to give it a go. A while back I had bought a little pack of sculpting tools and figured let’s do this. (What good is having tools if you never use them, right?)

After watching a few videos online, there really wasn’t much they could share. It’s your own imagination that really brings this material to life. And so, I embarked on the journey to make everyone’s favorite boy vampire, DRAKE.

Let me start by saying it’s not the easiest material to manipulate. Especially if it’s older. You do get the hang of it after a while, so keep kneading it. Pushing and pulling makes it warmer and easier to conform to your ideas. In that way, it’s like clay.

There were times when I wanted to give up. Then all of a sudden, something formed. The sphere I was rolling in my hands formed a head. Then I folded a bigger piece for his body. It was starting to take shape!

After making the limbs, hands, and feet, I wondered how to connect the arms and legs and decided to use some plastic sticks. Toothpicks, I imagine, could work just as well. Before I knew it… BAM! There he was.

When I first created the Polygoons, it was all pencil sketches – no color. I have since added color to our group of shape-shifting horror heroes. This 3D version of Drake – Boy Vampire definitely needed color. That’s when I remembered the video said you could use washable markers. So I did. For larger areas I would dip a brush in water and help cover more surface area. It worked like a charm.

In the future, the tiny details could benefit perhaps from a felt tip marker, but for my first time I have to admit…I kinda like it!

Have fun and try different paints, markers, and tools. Let us know if you have tips that you discovered using modeling material.


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