Information Age Learning

There are so many great videos out there that I have been looking at to learn different techniques. As the Poly-verse expands from sketching to painting to animation and everything that comes with it… always learning is the key.

There are a bazillion different ways to learn. My favorite is asking an actual human. If you don’t know any artists personally, find them online. With streaming videos and artists who go “live” from their social media accounts, what more can you ask for. We live in a special age of technology, so take advantage.

The next best thing to watching your favorite artist doing their thing “live” is… watching an old video of theirs. Check streaming sites for your favorite artists.

Even if they don’t pop up (which they will) I also highly recommend checking out different artists walking you through a “how to” video. You don’t have to be sitting in a class where the teacher is just not connecting with you. Everyone has their own technique and personality. And if you want to learn how to draw “hands”, for instance, find an instructional video with an instructor that suits you. *Make sure to “like”, “follow” them and/or comment. It helps them out.

If you don’t already have a favorite artist, you probably do and just don’t know it. Think about books, illustrations, graffiti, comics, paintings, that you like. If you never have before…go and look for that artist’s name. Look for that illustrator or painter that created that piece. You’ll find other works by them or people they’ve influenced and so on.

When I was a kid, I liked a book called, “Where the Wild Things Are”. I didn’t know it then, but I have since looked up the author/illustrator who wow’ed me as a youngster. His name is Maurice Sendak. He made other great stories and illustrations that I have enjoyed even as an adult. Looking at his work up close at a recent exhibit was mind-blowing. So try to go to gallery shows, comic cons, and exhibits as much as possible. Learning from seeing the work up-close is awesome!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to keep those minds open for learning new techniques every day!


-Mr. Garcia


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