Exciting & New

All aboard…. we're expecting you at the Quetzal Art Fest on August 5th! And because you are so awesome, I decided that I would paint. Yep, paint. Usually I'm drawing the Polygoons, but available at the Quetzal Art Fest will be my take on variant colors, various canvas sizes, and other interesting knick-knacks and/or paddy-wacks.
There's a Polygoons picture frame made with scraps of the activity book for sale. There's a one of a kind Polygoons clock (if any of you believe in time). There are refrigerator magnets available. And who knows what else I will conjure up before go-time on August 5th. It's just so much fun making stuff that it's tough to "say no" to new cool ideas that pop into your head at 3am.

I will have copies of the 1st ever Polygoons Activity Book on hand. Full-color cover variants will also be available. But as for the rest of the art work that I made; when the items are gone, they are gone for ever! They are literally one-of-a-kind.

Make sure you head out early. It opens to the public at 12 (noon) – so don't be late.


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