Funny How Things Work Out

Shopping for gifts is tough. It’s even tougher when you want everything you see FOR YOURSELF. 

Going to the art supply store takes an immense amount of restraint and self control. The colors, paints, pencils, yarn, brushes, canvasses all calling your name. But on this occasion, I had to stay even more focused. Reminding  myself over and over…

“You are not here for yourself.”

“You are not here for yourself.”

“You are not here for yourself.”

It’s a gift for an aspiring artist. They are the reason you came to the store, it’s their graduation, the gift is for them. 

Eventually I give in. Fiiiiiiiiine. Just a little something for yourself. Yay! (Wait. Who said that? )

Thinking of others, being selfless and getting them something you would probably enjoy for yourself …feels pretty good. Today I did just that. The “Big Ticket” item was not going to be for me and that was cool. 

I told myself I’d get this one little item for myself. I had seen it before but never picked up. It was an acrylic marker. And guess what? It’s awesome! Right out of the package and I’m having so much fun with it. 

Had I followed the “selfish me” I would have most likely bought more of the supplies I already had. Thinking of others, allowed for the universe to put me on the path to great things and new adventures. 😊


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