New Toys 

Just got this little set today in the mail. My previous attempts in the world of sculpting were….hmmm… how could put this… a complete disaster. 

The material was nothing like good ol’ play-doh. Back in the day, I made some pretty neat stuff. This material was stickier and didn’t stay put. Good luck trying to separate the colors once they mixed even a little. Not to mention, there’s baking involved. 😱

Aside from the newbie hiccups I was running across, something was stiffling my creativity a bit. The details I wanted to make like nostrils on my noses, wrinkles on faces, scales on my creatures, just weren’t coming out. What was needed was the right tools for the right job. And so when I saw this kit, I said let’s try this again. 

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I had given up on projects because it didn’t come out awesome on the first try. Figuring, it “wasn’t meant to be”. That is hogwash. Artwork doesn’t hang in museums because that was their first attempt. Do you know how many pieces are created before that said “master piece” came into existence? 

 I’m sure there are those rare beings out there, born with out-of-this-world talent, that every stroke of the pen is genius, every word is thought-provoking, and every idea  simply brilliant. The rest of us just have to work at it. 

“Make it ’til you make it.” 

Keep kicking out those ideas, cranking out those songs, sculpting those figures. Penciling, inking, painting, cooking, sewing, crocheting, crafting anything and everything.  You may want your work to hang in a museum one day, you may not. Regardless, keep the work coming.

Obstacles are there to be overcome. I had two obstacles when I tried sculpting at first: 1.) it was new, (which meant I couldn’t completely express myself in the medium) and 2.) I had to bake it (which meant I would burn it). 

After having tried it once, I have since acquired these new tools. This doesn’t garantee success ( I know), but it is a personal success. I didn’t just say “oh well this is not for me”. My vision is still there. I can “see” what I want. Now if I could only get the baking time right, I might just find a cool new way to make Polygoon figurines. Wish me luck!  


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