Hello, old friends. And for those just tuning in…welcome, new friends.

In this exciting installment of thepolygoons.com you will be happy to know that the comics that started it all for these shape-shifting horror heroes are in the process of being created…or re-created.  🤔 What does that mean? 

You see, the original comics were created for the kids in Room 113 at the school. The comics were hand-drawn, cut and pasted together then laminated. (Yes, laminated.) I created the comics for the room library.  Ideally, the sole copy could be checked-out for one week at a time and returned. As more student interest grew, it became more and more clear that there needed to be more than one copy. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the laminated pages didn’t duplicate well on the copier, the layout of the book was not designed to come apart easily, and quite frankly was slapped together. Remember this was my first time at making a book of this kind. 

So now to make a long story even longer, I have decided to go back and recreate the original 5 comics. In this series we get to see who the original members of the Polygoons are, how they got their powers, the origin story of Louis the Bat Cat, where the secret headquarters is, and all sorts of fun stuff. 

Personally, I would like to advance and move on with issue 6, but I have been asked to please make this particular series available. So that’s what I’m going to do. All I have to do is recreate all of the illustrations, convert them to a digital form, completely re-do the entire layout and most likely edit the stories to make sense. Building them from scratch basically. 

The reason I said “it depends on how you look at it” was because although that may seem like a ton of work, I see this as an opportunity. One that let’s me really get to know my characters again. The ones that want their stories to be told to as many ears that are willing to listen. I have a chance to duplicate the story as many times as I want and get it in the hands of kids and adults all over the world. 

And so this little creepy crew that began their tale in the 113 library, will now embark on their journey into the world of duplication. (And no, I don’t mean published by Marvel or DC; it’s still my indie comic.) But I promise to build it with care and love and hope to see it in your hands soon. (Lamination not included. 😉)


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