Adding Subtraction

This weekend my son went to a birthday party. He had lots of fun and enjoyed all the activities they had for the kids. Upon leaving the party, he was bestowed with the coveted …. Goody Bag!

Years have past since I was an attendee at a birthday where goody bags were handed out. Now as a parent, I once again get to rummage through a collection of treats and sweets at my leisure. Did I forget to mention my son had fallen asleep in the car. Bwahahaha!

Well, there was one treat that caught my eye in particular. It was this pad of black sheets that when you scratch the top layer, it reveals a colorful underlying background layer. 

This thing was awesome! With each scrape and scratch these psychedelic colors just seem to pour out of the paper. I have worked with this type of material before, but I must admit this time was just so much fun. 

In making the Polygoons characters, I’m constantly working on improving the line work and incorporating color, learning new computer software and focusing on so many things that will sharpen my skills and improve my craftsmanship… and here comes this children’s goody bag content/ scratchy pad to remind me to still have fun. 

Have fun with your characters. Take them for a ride on all media. Sidewalk chalk, pencil, pen, crayon, marker, stick in the sand, finger on the fresh snow of a car windshield. It doesn’t matter. They want to explore the world too. 

This time Wolfram came out in multicolor scratchy paper. Where will your characters come out to play?


I have to admit I went kinda bonkers with the scratchy pad. So much fun. 😂 lol



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