Fun at the Comic Con

Needless to say we are having lots of fun at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo also known as C2E2. We are surrounded by great art work, lots of talented artists, and tons of geeky goodness. 

This is our third year going. The attendees never cease to astonish with their creative cosplay. Cosplay is when you dress up as your favorite character. The lobby is a great place to hang out even before entering the convention because it’s one “Wow!…Look!” after another. 

Once inside, you get to stroll at your leisure through the aisles of booths. Different merchants sell everything from toys to comics to gear. For those who are a little more organized, you definitely go straight to those booths you’ve been waiting to see all year since the last convention. 

That is especially the case in the artist alley. Where you get to see your favorite artists or perhaps meet a new favorite. There are tons of hometown heroes there with great work…so remember to support!

All in all another great time at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo!


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