Add A Bit of Color 

I was given a set of cool markers as a gift for my birthday this year. To be quite honest, I was treating it like the expensive plates your family would only bring out on super special occasions.  Definitely not for everyday use. I was very happy that I had received such a great gift, but at the same time, deep down…I was scared to use them. 😳😳😳

After having viewed a few vids online that demonstrated their use and noting the different end results on various paper types… that was it. My go-to for learning just about everything, kind of fell short. 

I had learned what I was going to learn from Youtube (at least for the moment), so I took to a different platform. Instagram.

 It’s a great resource for studying other artists as they live stream a session. You see them make choices at times even mistakes. All of it is a learning experience. 

My Saturday mornings may no longer consist of waking up and eating a bowl of cereal while watching cartoons, but the next best thing is tuning into a live streaming of cartooning in progress. 

No longer completely afraid of using markers, I colored in Frank – the Monster. The only thing left to do was to do it. True story. Happy coloring. 

*Speaking of color, just added to the shop is a colorful revision of our friend Witch Hazel and Louis the Bat Cat.

Visit the Polygoons Online Shop at



    • Thanks for tuning in. I follow your adventures on Instagram as well. 😁 The markers are Prismacolor Premier. There might be better ones out there, but they are posing a fun challenge thus far. Your hand lettering is awesome btw. Take care and say hi to the little one.


  1. Wow! This looks great! I still haven’t added marker to any of my drawing because I’m afraid I’ll ruin them, but maybe I’ll give it a try…


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