Book Fair

Here’s some rather cool news for ya. The Polygoons Activity Book will be available at a book fair in April! Yep! It’s the first time it is hittin’ the stands… so to speak. 

Unfortunately, the book fair is open solely to the students of the school. I figured it’s only fitting they get it first and exclusively since it was in those very hallowed halls that the stories were born. 

It’s true. The original stories were created for the children of room 113. They would see my doodles and encouraged me to write stories and create the comics. 

It was their enthusiasm for the characters that kept me writing more stories. The books were added to the class library and sorted by genre.  Since it was totally do-it-yourself style, there was only one master hand-drawn laminated copy of each comic. 😳😳😳

In the future they will be digitized and reproduced, but that’s a venture for a different time. For now, we celebrate the awesomeness of The Polygoons Activity Book at the book fair in April! It’s also known as the happiest time of the year (…after Halloween of course).  

Quick shoutout to those that have supported this endeavor and have visited The Polygoons Online Shop

*They look fab! The blurry faces is just for their privacy. 😎 So if you send us your pic with your Polygoons gear, you too can be featured. 😉


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