A while back, maybe 2 or more years ago, I bought a laminator. It was from a grocery store that is rather well known in Chicago for low-priced foods. They also have a row in the center of the store with random kitchen appliances, assorted tools, bathroom scales… just a hodgepodge of odd stuff. Well, I distinctly remember putting it  in my closet for later use. You know, right next to the Christmas lights, winter boots, and boxes of stuff I don’t look through. The day eventually arrived when I needed to use it and guess what? Nothing! It wasn’t there.

My first reaction was “It has to be in here somewhere.” But it wasn’t. I took everything out and returned everything one at a time and NADA! I tried going back to the grocery store and they said those items are special. When they are gone, they’re gone. 

Fast forward to present day, a coworker mentioned she bought a laminator from that same grocery chain. I called the number associated with the store. The number was the national customer service hotline. They located the laminator at a different location and had them hold it for me. 

And now after years of waiting…it’s ALIVE! The  first lamination test is a success. ⚡️Can’t wait for other ideas to come to life. ⚡️



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