The other day I had the idea to make a stencil. Stencils are cool because you cut it out and can use them over and over if you take care of them. I had some spray paint. But what material do I use to make the stencil? I couldn’t just make it on paper. It was too thin. Card stock could work, but gets soggy fast. A plastic lid to a container was strong, but too difficult to cut. Then I remembered the overhead projector sheets; thin plastic that does not absorb moisture. Those were just right!

So, I drew out my character. Then I realized this is really going to get tricky. You just can’t cut every part out or it falls apart. Like if you’ve ever made a paper snowflake. One mistake an you’re left with something very different than a snowflake. 

Slowly but eventually, I was able to get Drake’s body cut out all while not completely making him a vast void outlined form. 

The results were great! Super happy with the stencil, I went off to test it out in the Chicago winter. Maybe not the best season for spray painting out in the yard but what-evs. I sprayed a few only to realize the beast that is stencilling. Creating a stencil is half the challenge… good spraying technique is crucial to it’s success. 

Needless to say the entire project was buckets o’ fun. I will be making more in the furure, especially now that Spring is here. Because I got a fever…and the only cure is more stencilling. 


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