Enjoying life like …

So I have great visions of where and what I’d like to see come from /for the Polygoons. But to be honest, the adventures are calling me rather than the other way around. The ideas just kind of pop in my head when I least expect them. The latest one was while watching cartoons …”I wonder what the Polygoons cartoon is going to look like?” The next thing I do is look for resources and see what I can do with what I have.

Fortunately I have a computer at home as well as internet access. There’s some computer software I’ve had since I purchased a touch-tablet a while back. So I looked up some tutorials because – Youtube. And sure enough, it’s all out there. Instructions on how to “do-it-yourself”. 

Now don’t think it’s the tools that make the great thinkers think or great creators create. Remember “d.i.y” means do what you can with what you have. If I didn’t have a computer, or software or any of those things available, I’d have grabbed a pencil, a paper and rolled up one half to do it old-school style. (*I will be doing some of those soon just because they’re so much fun). 

The thing to remember is get your idea out of your head as much as possible with what you have. Prototypes, rough drafts, even brain-storming  ideas on paper… GET THEM OUT. You can edit, polish, refine, even finance them later. The idea itself may not be so easily accessed again, so respect it by listening to it. It is worth the effort to jot it down or get the initial model up even if it’s just a taste of what’s to come. 

Follow the inspiration when it arrives as far as you can. Here’s a still of that animation idea that I followed this weekend. More animation to come in the future, for sure! 

You can follow the Polygoons on Instagram and Twitter and see Drake – Boy Vampire fly through the sky!


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