Uppin’ the Game

Way back when the Polygoons were just an idea, the most handy and readily available tools were either pencils, crayons or even color pencils. Basically….classroom materials. 

I didn’t have a lot of time to sit down and create a masterpiece, so quick sketches would have to suffice. Coloring them in was simply out of the question. There was never any time. 

So they were black-n-white. That was fine. Coloring was just not something I wanted to focus on. More important was developing the characters, back stories and powers. You know… all the fun stuff in creating new heroes.

At times I wondered…was that just an excuse? Was I afraid to tackle the beast of learning how to color?

Now that they all have their abilities and the storylines fleshed out, there is still the matter of coloring. It’s not my forte to say the least. But it’s something I know I can do, if I just plop myself down and set aside some time. 

And guess what? After doing some research and watching some how-to videos, I am on my way. So pretty soon,  you will see on occasion some colorful versions of these creepy characters. 

I still like the original black-n-white versions, but I won’t let “not knowing how to” be the reason that it doesn’t get done. If it happens, it will be a choice. And that feels way better. 😊


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