Block Printing (sorta)

I’ve always liked how block printing looks. Definitely a different art form than I am used to creating. So I checked out some videos and found out….you really just have to sit down and do it. 

Instead of adding ink, charcoal or paint, you are actually subtracting from the material. In my case the material I found was some styrofoam plates. I used a black permanent marker to create my design, got rid of the remaining area with a mechanical pencil that was lying around. I then grabbed an old bottle of ink I had and inked up a lint roller. It did the trick!

 I liked learning to carve out my subject as opposed to simply drawing it. I may invest in a set of carving tools and linoleum blocks soon, but never let the fact that you don’t have the “best supplies” stop you from creating. Stay inspired and keep creating! D.I.Y. = Do It Yourself


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