Welcome to Our Store!

After weeks of preparation, selecting and editing images, learning the “ins and outs” of the site… The Polygoons Shop is now open for business.

There was plenty of thought that went in to it. The most important factor was the quality of the product. And there’s no better way to test it than to…. do it yourself. So we did. We went on the site, selected a shirt style, color, and image (we chose the group pic)…and waited. 

After recieving the shirt about a week and a half after having placed the order, we were so impressed with the quality, there was no question about going live with The Polygoons Shop.

*Kids, make sure to get your parents’ permission before visiting. 

When you get there, look around. Browsing is totally welcomed. The store is easy to navigate. Click on things, change the colors and graphics. There is no one to rush you, no pressure sales, no line and no waiting.

Come visit The Polygoons Shop soon!


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