Fresh Paint

As I explore different mediums and find myself in uncharted territories, it reminds me of a time in my life where everything was new. A time when nothing I had known prior could prepare me for what was to come and it went hand in hand with a feeling of dread should I make a false move.  Yep… Freshman year of highschool. That feeling of not having a routine (or escape route), no group of friends to rely on, no familiar faces, no mastery of the material. That sensation is the one I feel with every stroke of the brush while painting. And that is … AWESOME! By no means am I saying I want to relive high school, but to do the things you have not yet mastered, to do the things you are not necessarily the “best” at is exhilarating. Be a student. Be humble. Learn. Get out of the comfort zone. Broaden your scope. You learn not only new things, but the compassion for those who begin a new adventure as well. Your fellow freshmans. I have in the last few years learned to ride a motorcycle, to crotchet, make comics. All the while petrified and ecstatic the whole time. Give yourself the freedom to”be a freshman” at something. Your future-self will thank you for it. 


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